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Car Collector’s
Family Office


Personal invitation

Discover a new era in the transparent and structured management of collector’s vehicles as a complementary service for your customers with significant vehicle portfolios.

The Car Collector’s Family Office has been specifically designed to seamlessly meet all the needs of car collectors. We combine proven family office services with a focus on vehicle collections, based on our many years of expertise in the classic and luxury vehicle segment. Integrated into the comprehensive service portfolio of B.I. Collection, we present a unique approach that is specifically geared to the individual requirements of collectors and their unique vehicle collections worldwide.

Together with the owners, we develop tailor-made solutions and strategies so that the values of the vehicle collections can be optimized, preserved or transferred to the next generation and further developed by them. Our approach not only integrates the values and convictions of the owner families, but also places great emphasis on transparency, sustainability, ethics and responsible handling of vehicle collections or individual vehicles.

We cordially invite you to the presentation of the Car Collector’s Family Office at B.I. Collection St. Gallen, Bachstrasse 1, 9203 Niederwil (SG) on January 25, 2024 from 05:30-8:00 pm.