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F1 F300


Engine: V10 – 2997 cc

Year of manufacture – 1998

Hp: 805

Pilot: Michael Schumacher

What made this car so special was its novel aerodynamic design, which was to ensure Ferrari’s superiority over its rivals in the years to come. The engine was also new – the Tipo 047 featured an 80° angle between the cylinder banks and numerous internal and external modifications. The suspension was also modified: The front shock absorbers were mounted vertically again, while the torsion bar suspension and bumpers were retained all around.

In 1998, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari again fought for the world championship title. This time they had to deal with a new opponent. Williams-Renault had been replaced in the rankings by the Mercedes-powered McLaren. Schumacher fought a duel with Finland’s Mika Häkkinen in the final race of the season at Suzuka, but a mistake at the start and a puncture in the middle of a terrific chase denied him the chance to bring the drivers’ title back to Maranello. However, the other six victories (Argentina, Canada, France, Great Britain, Hungary and Italy) and the 133 points remained a record for the Maranello brand.


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