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La Prairie
Art Talk
with Sabine Marcelis


We cordially invite you to the Art Talk at the brand new Maison La Prairie on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. Here you will have the unique opportunity to meet the renowned designer Sabine Marcelis in person and learn more about the fascinating project “Cobalt House”. This project was staged in close collaboration between Sabine Marcelis and La Prairie especially for this year’s Art Basel. In addition, you can expect a wealth of other insights into their world of art and design.

Immerse yourself in a world where light, color and material merge and art as well as beauty are combined in a very special way.


18:00 Arrival of guests with champagne reception
until 18:30 Getting to know the Maison La Prairie
18:30 Welcome speech by Beat Imwinkelried and Sandra Geissen
18:40 Start Art Talk with Sabine Marcelis
19:15. End Art Talk
19:20 Q&A
19:30 Apéro and Sensorial Experience

Address : Maison La Prairie. Bahnhofstrasse, 36, Entrance / Entry St Peterstrasse