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B.I. Collection
St. Moritzer

08.09.2023 – 17.09.2023



We are delighted to be a partner of the International St. Moritz Automotive Weeks for the second year now. With anticipation we want to create together with the ISAW team many exciting and moving moments around automotive lifestyle and share them with car enthusiasts from all over the world. Join us to experience the fine blend of historic mobility and automotive sport, embedded in the modern luxury of sophisticated St. Moritz.”

The program invites you to a Grand Tour through the Engadine late summer and offers unforgettable experiences in an unspoiled landscape.

Please make a note of the following dates and feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested or register directly via the official link:

  • 08.–12.09.2023 – Kilometre Lance Alpine 1000 – 1 km acceleration race on the airfield of Samedan – Information and registration
  • 09.–11.09.2023 – Targa Posciavo Engiadina – The Classic Car Rally for vehicles from 1905–1926 – Information and registration
  • 12.–14.09.2023 – Super Stick Shift – The unique rally for sports cars from 1974–1995 (exclusively with manual transmission) – Information and registration
  • 13.–15.09.2023 – Motorsport Rendezvous – Automobile lifestyle garden party with collection cars selected according to strict criteria. The second day is the “Driving Day”, participants with cars without road registration and/or conditional roadworthiness are allowed to take part with another car – Information and Registration
  • 14.–17.09.2023 – Bernina Gran Turismo – The legendary mountain race. Here it is not only about fame and glory, here everyone wants to win! The 5.7 km winding mountain race course makes even professionals sweat. Starting places are very limited. Vehicles up to and including 1990.
Kilometre Lance St. Moritz 2021