Classic cars have their own unique allure.
As well as impressive craftsmanship and retro design,
they also portray the glamour and status of times gone by.
It’s no wonder some owners become collectors.

The Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona from the 1960s, the Ferrari 512 BB from the 70s or the Porsche 928 from the 80s – each decade has produced its own unique, characteristic cars. They all tell a story and incite emotion. Sitting behind the wheel is a journey back in time, enabling the driver to experience the car’s historic attributes as a new facet of their own personality. Classic cars are a much more meaningful reflection of our selves than modern cars. They are ascribed certain meaning that symbolises who we are, or who we want to be, and how we tick.

A classic car requires significant restoration work, which can be a particularly fiddly task. For example, B.I. Collection was commissioned to restore a 1964 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, where the car had already been disassembled. Other specialists had made attempts to continue and complete the restoration, which was begun in Northern Germany, but these were unsuccessful. Our Classic Technician, Peter Furer, is now taking care of the Ferrari. Meticulous, detailed planning and coordination of the works following the inventory make up the most important parts of this challenge. It is especially vital to schedule tasks appropriately. The individual parts must be checked in detail and if necessary, pre-emptively replaced, because finding and procuring original parts is extremely time-consuming. Additionally, individual components and defective materials may need to be outsourced to external specialists for restoration. All individual parts, whether existing, repaired or replaced, must undergo quality and authenticity checks again prior to assembly. The last step is to put the puzzle pieces together – in exactly the right order, as Peter Furer explains. The aforementioned Ferrari restoration is planned to be completed in May 2021 with the issue of the Ferrari Classiche certification. This officially confirms that all vehicle parts meet the original specifications: chassis, engine, manual transmission and gears, suspension, brakes, wheels, body and interior fittings. To guarantee this, B.I. Collection uses Ferrari’s original archive, where the technical drawings for all cars produced since 1947 are preserved.

Enzo Ferrari in his workshop, Modena, Italy, 1960.

The joy of classic cars can easily become a collector’s passion. Systematically collating historic vehicles is an extremely exciting and inspiring process. Discovering, acquiring and preserving unique objects requires a feel for quality and, of course, lasting persistence. Investment, prestige and asset building are all secondary, but specialist knowledge and the ability to correctly size up the item in real life are important prerequisites for starting a collection. Evaluating a historic vehicle requires in-depth knowledge, especially in terms of its authenticity and similarity to the original condition. Despite the high demand for rare, non-replicable and unavailable models, but also precisely because of this, proof of the vehicle’s authenticity is essential, as well as other criteria that add value, such as condition, rarity and origin. Historians, experts and restorers devote themselves to scientific research about these cars and are usually able to rely on an extensive network of colleagues and experts from outside the sector. The resulting expertise can be helpful when deciding on a new acquisition or trying to improve the quality of a collection. From a certain point on, it also requires a clear strategy to make sure that items acquired are a proper collection, not a jumbled hotchpotch. At the end of the day, collecting cars can be compared to collecting art: almost all prominent art collectors had or have professional advisers by their side.

From experience, we know that many car lovers think experts are hard to access. We want to break down this stereotype and offer our Classic Cars and Collectors Service as an additional service for car collectors and a platform for like-minded people – from beginners to connoisseurs.

Whether it’s building, expanding or cutting down your collection, brokerage, estimations, sales or inheritance management, we will be happy to provide custom management for your vehicle collection and will be by your side no matter the query, even for special requests or complicated tasks. As a Classic Services client, you will be part of the project from start to finish. You will be kept well informed about everything that is happening to your vehicle, problems and solutions are discussed on-site in the workshop, and you receive professional documentation and video sequences regularly. We will also ensure that the work always stays within your budget.

The following list gives an overview of the services provided by Classic Cars and Collectors Services:

  • Expertise – insurance evaluations – tax assessments
  • Maintenance – inventory – certificates of authenticity
    (e.g. Ferrari Classiche certification)
  • Inheritance matters
  • Trade

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Photos: Daryl Hefti / Christiopher Griffith / Sergio Del Grande / Mondadori (via Getty Images)