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back to racing


Today a new racing future of Maserati has begun and we want to share with you a breaking news. Maserati will be back to racing. Today, we have marked our debut in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship 2023. Today, we have announced that we will enter on the grid from Season 9 with the new Gen3, the fastest, lightest, most powerful Formula E racing car ever.

We have the strength of our roots. We have the motorsport in our genes, rooted in the spirit of pure competition and we will be the first Italian Brand to compete in Formula E, renewing the racing spirit in Maserati’s DNA. We are powered by passion and innovative by nature. We have a long history of world-class excellence in competition and we are ready to drive performance in the future.

Formula E is a highly relevant technological laboratory to accelerate the development of high-efficiency electrified powertrains and intelligent software for our new road sports cars. In this race for more performance, more luxury, and more innovation, Folgore is our guiding light and our purest expression. We are one team. We are Maserati, together.