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roma che te fa


The modern reinterpretation of the carefree,
pleasure-filled lifestyle of 1950s and 60s Rome –
the new dolce vita.

Photo: Ferrari SPA

The Ferrari Roma has an unmistakeable style: the perfect fusion of balanced forms, timeless elegance and cutting-edge technology and a modern spin on the typical lifestyle in the Italian capital during the 1950s and 60s. A perfect embodiment of the elegance and sophistication of this exceptional time, this car is the ideal companion to indulge in the new dolce vita – carefree, luxurious joie de vivre full of enjoyment and Italian style. La dolce vita – we associate this expression with drinking an espresso in a café in a market square and watching the hustle and bustle, going out with friends and partying through warm summer nights. Give yourself up to the sweet life and allow yourself to be won over by the timeless elegance of the Ferrari Roma. Characterised by its perfect composition of elements, its harmonious proportions evoke the great tradition of Ferrari Berlinettas with their rear-set front engine. Various modern high-tech solutions were developed to guarantee top-class performance while maintaining the purity of style characteristic of its lineage. Especially notable is the mobile rear spoiler integrated into the rear window, which preserves the car’s elegant lines and features an automatic opening to ensure the necessary aerodynamic load at high speed. The Ferrari Roma not only is a true Italian style icon, but also ensures first-class performance thanks to its V8 turbo engine. After all, it’s a member of an exclusive family of engines, awarded the title Engine of the Year for four years in a row.

Photo: Ferrari SPA